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Colin[1] is the antagonist in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4. He takes the puppets to the Digital World and teaches them about it. According to him, the only things you can do in the Digital World are digital dancing, digital styling, and graphing. He can tell the time, print pictures, count to 50 in the blink of an eye, and search for anything you need. He refers himself as a "clever smart boy" a "computery guy," and a "clevery guy". He also states that he is made out of buttons and wires. He is voiced by Joe Pelling. He dislikes the Red Guy the most. He is rude as he interrupts Gilbert the Globe and ignores the red guys questions...


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Colin's "digital mind"

  • "I'm a computer, I'm a computery guy."
  • "Inside my mind there is a digital mind."
  • "DON'T TOUCH MEEEEEEE!!1!1!!1!!1!1!!one"
  • "In the Digital World there's more than
  • 3 things to do!"
  • "Do a digital dancing! Hey, this is fun!"
  • "Welcome to my digital home. Everything's made out of numbers and codes."
  • "If you can do it all digitally!"
  • "Clever, a very clevery guy."


  • "Good question! Well, that's up to you!"
  • "Great, great news!"


  • There is a computer that resembles Colin in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2.
  • He makes many grammatical errors, such as "count to a 50," and "do a digital dancing,"
  • Don't Touch Me! 1984 film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.
  • When he shouts "Don't touch ME!" at Red Guy, his hands, which used to be a cursor and a pixelated hand, suddenly turn into bloodstained red wires.
  • When Colin says, "it's easy to be a clever smart boy like me" to the characters "EZ2B" appears on his screen. "EZ2B" is actually a color code for green.
    DHMIS 6 Colin

    Colin's Appearance in DHMIS 6

  • A drawing of him appears on a fridge magnet in DHMIS 5.
  • He also sings in DHMIS 6.
  • He also voiced by Dessillu in the french version Of DHMIS 4

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The drawing of Colin on the side of The Fridge along with the counting chart he shows the puppets.