Near the end of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6, the Red Guy comes across a control panel. It had shown the Lamp torturing the Yellow Guy by singing to him against his will. When the Red Guy tampers with it, the Lamp turns into some of the teachers they've previously met, a duplicate of the late Duck Guy that soon glitches away, and then into teachers they were supposed to meet. It is clear that the future teachers are not 100% completed due to their dialogue, looks and personality behaving strange. The closest to completion being the Universe teacher and the least being the meat block, we can tell this due to it's realistic look and non-existent dialogue, not to mention places where one can still see the cardboard. When the Yellow Guy is tormented, Roy grasps onto the Red Guy's shoulder. Then, the Red Guy finds the plug to the panel, and unplugs it.