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Furry Boy and his Crab

"I love you too, furry boy!" -Yellow Guy

Furry Boy[citation needed] is an antagonist and a member of The Love Cult that is a beaver, a groundhog, or a dog of some sort. He appears in DHMIS 3. When Yellow Guy says that he loves him and starts rubbing Furry Boy's head, he says, "Harder!" in a deep, aggressive voice. He also has a pet crab which he is very fond of, stating that he loves it because it is a crab.

Quotes Edit

  • "And you love us, too! "
    Furry Boy
  • "Harder! "
  • "I love my pet 'cause he's a crab. "
  • "And it's perfect! "
  • "He is the king of love! "
  • "And clean your brain! "

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