The Lamp is the secondary antagonist of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6. The lamp teaches the Yellow Guy about dreams and how to supposedly have them by putting him into an animation sequence and singing to him against his own will. The Lamp eventually drowns Yellow Guy in oil. Later in the episode, it gets transformed into Tony by Red Guy using Roy's control panel.

Appearance Edit

The lamp has a blue base covered with yellow stars and a single red light switch for it's nose. It also has a baby blue lampshade with clouds on it, blue noodle like arms and legs, and wears white gloves and red shoes.

Bad dream

Personality Edit

The Lamp is shown to be very rude, silly, and mocks people that oppose it, namely the Yellow Guy. It is very sadistic as It laughs as Yellow Guy drowns in oil.

Quotes Edit

  • "Dreams are a movie that live in your head, every night when you sleep in your bed."
  • "You can have a dream about riding a horse, or you can have a dream about drowning in oil."
  • "Oh! Looks like someone's having a bad dream!"
  • "You can have a dream about eating a TREAT, or you can have a dream about buying a hat. You can have a dream about losing your friends, or you can have a dream about burning your friends."

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike all of the other teachers, whose goals were to try to teach the protagonists convoluted messages and harm the puppets in some way, it is evident that the Lamp only wants to harm the Yellow Guy as It rushes through his song just to torment him.
  • Another thing that stands out about the Lamp from all of the other main teachers is that there is no deeper symbolism to the character. Instead, he is portrayed as being a generic teacher.
  • Lamp's legs and arms are very similar to Tony's and Roy's.
  • The Lamp is the only (main) teacher that the Yellow Guy tried to defy.
  • Some fans argue that the Lamp could be a possible alcoholic, since it often appears cross-eyed and speaks as though it's drunk.
  • The Lamp is sometimes thought to be the main antagonist of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6.

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