Right wing
The Right Wing is a publication that first appears in the initial Don't Hug Me I'm Scared episode, as the camera hangs on various objects before the episode begins. It makes further appearances in the second episode, and may appear in the fourth episode, though the title is not clearly visible; the paper is turned to an "Opinoin" [sic] section.

In the first episode, it appears on the table next to Duck Guy, first visible as part of a series of objects the camera hangs on before the episode begins. The cover story, "Stocks Flying High", is positioned next to an image of a coin bearing a duck with a crown, and several black bars representing unknown text. In the second episode, Red Guy is seen reading the same newspaper in bed as he comments upon the large quantity of fish that inexplicably appear. In the fourth episode, a newspaper turned to an "Opinoin" [sic] section is visible. The text is again represented by black bars, and images include a meteor striking a planet, a car rained upon by a cloud, and an explosion-like symbol and a box of cereal labeled "Oats". Colin the Computer uses a magnifying glass-like object, which shows a box of oats on the paper. It is unclear whether this is content of the paper itself or merely Colin's creation, though the previous shot of Colin printing a picture of a box and the presence of color suggest it is not.